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Wakefield fled from the creature under Wright manor. He returned to Wickport, where he found that Kaufmann had died from his recent illness. In a letter, Kaufmann said that Wright believed the Irish island of Éilís Mór was home of the legendary Cronemeadan and that it held important secrets about the Veil. Wakefield became despondent over Kaufmann's death, but he eventually decided to investigate the island.

Upon his arrival, he met Donnán, the lord of the island, who said that a ceremony called the Festival of Reunion was scheduled to begin that night. During the festival, the villagers wore animal disguises in order to protect themselves from spirits that cross over from the Other Side. Wakefield also learned from a villager that Donnán's son, Kieran, had gone missing a few weeks earlier.

The villagers were friendly and welcoming. However, a lighthouse keeper told Wakefield that the villagers disliked visitors. As he explored the island, it became clear that someone was stalking him. A mysterious stranger, who may have been Kieran, helped him enter the crypt of the Laidcend, an influential family that had died out a century earlier. One of the people interred in the crypt had apparently transformed into a bird-like creature. As Wakefield found the creature's remains, he realized that the crypt was the Cronemeadan. At the same time, a hole in the ceiling was sealed, plunging the crypt into darkness. Wakefield apparently experienced primal terror and entered the Veil.

After encountering several strange creatures in the Veil, Wakefield found Devitt standing by the shores of a black sea.



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Billy White   August 22, 2015
The story this time around was really well told. All of the NPCs gave out just enough dialogue to help the player continue forward without leading them by the hand. Read full review

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