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{{Infobox episode
|Cold open=
|Major characters=
|Other characters=



Infobox episode
|title= The Letter
|image= Ch1.png
|caption=Devitt receives an unnerving letter
|Season= [[Season 1|1]]
|Episode= 1
|Released= 15 March 2013
|Previous= none
|Next= [[Memories]]
|Cold open=<small>''After all the things I have seen<br />After all the things I have done<br />I cannot escape the course my life has taken<br />Now I am beyond redemption<br />I just hope you can forgive me someday<br />Yours sincerely, Anthony Beechworth''</small>
|Protagonist= [[Devitt|Jeremiah Devitt]]
|Major characters=[[Anthony|Anthony Beechworth]]
|Other characters=[[Alfie]] <small>(cat)</small>
|Mentioned=[[Anna|Anna Beechworth]]<br />[[Mr and ms Brewer|Mr. and Mrs. Brewer]]


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