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{{Infobox 地点

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{{Infobox 地点
|title=帷幕<br />The Veil
|卷=[[Beyond the Curtain|8]]<br />[[Ancient Shadows|4]], [[The Reunion|7]] <small>(简要地)</small><br />[[The Four Witnesses|3]] <small>(可能是)</small>
|居民=[[The Simurg|大鸟 (The Simurg)]]<br />[[Alexandre (Chinese)|亚历山大]]<br />影子生灵<br /><br />'''可能是'''<br />[[Mysterious man|神奇人]]<br />[[Cattie]]<br />[[Violin player|小提琴手]]<br />[[Daphne]]<br />[[Shadowbook reader|
影子图书阅读器]]<br />[[Tarot card reader|塔罗牌读卡器]]

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