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{{Infobox 人物

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{{infobox 人物
 | title= 约翰·考夫曼<br />Johan Kaufmann
 | image= KaufmannRoom-hi-res.png
 | imagewidth= 
 | caption= "我们在与古老的东西斗争,古老且黑暗。"
 | 职业= 学者 <small>(隐匿性心理学)</small>
 | 章节= [[The Four Witnesses|3]], [[Ancient Shadows|4]], [[The Playwright (Chapter 5)|5]], [[My Dearest Visitor|6]]<br />[[Memories|2]], [[The Reunion|7]], [[Beyond the Curtain|8]] <small>(提到)</small>
 | 地点= [[London|伦敦]]
 | 联系= 
 | 个人关系= [[Wakefield (Chinese)|威克菲尔德医生]] <small>(朋友)</small><br />[[Adam Wright|Professor Wright]] <small>(导师)</small><br />[[Dr. Armitage]] <small>(医生)</small>

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