In Chapter 3, Devitt met a woman who was sitting by a fire. She used tarot cards to tell Devitt his fortune.

The Dying Star. You lost your guide. You follow the stream but do not know where it goes. You think you have escaped, but actually you are getting closer and closer…
The Mask. Empty eyes stare at you and a voiceless mouth calls you. Its lips twist and snarl with what it has seen, what is still to be seen. You think it is a stranger’s face but it is your own.
The Puppet. Threads, hanging from an immense hand of dust, converge upon a single point, your mind, where memories, oblivions and shadows cluster as one. It is your friend and foe; your home and your prison.
The Scream. It begs you to escape. Mute, it shrieks your lost name, sharp, painful and burning. Its voice is one you know.
The Walker. You have embarked upon a great journey but this path has been walked by you before. You step in your own footprints inside a circle of fire.