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This is a 1000-word summary of the events in The Last Door series. When possible, it's supported with text from the game.


There is another world. It contains the Final Truth, the First Language, and the Verb, which all might be different ways of referring to the “power of creation.”[1] The other world is concealed behind a Veil. There is a region in the Veil called Zha’ilathal, which contains a portal that leads to the other world. The portal is called "The Last Door" and "The Last Threshold." It was created (or at least used) by ancient beings.[2]

A being resides in the Veil. It is known as the Custodian,[3] the Bird,[4] and the Eye of the Bird.[5] It might also be the Simurg, a creature from Persian mythology that is sometimes known as the Bird King.[6] If a person in the Veil tries to approach Zha’ilathal, the Custodian will attack them.[3]

Once a person reaches Zha’ilathal, the Custodian is no longer a threat. However, Zha’ilathal has dangers of its own. People in Zha’ilathal sometimes leave behind shadows that contain memories. If you peer into one of these shadows, you see one of those person’s memories. If you peer into your own shadow, you see one of your own memories, and you go insane and physically transform into a monster. Some people know how to peer into our world from Zha'ilathal.[7]

In general, the other world is very well protected.[2] However, there is a gap in its protection. If a person experiences “primal terror,” there is a chance that they will enter the Veil. If that happens, they can enter Zha’ilathal without encountering the Custodian.[8]

Many cultures have myths about the Veil and the Custodian.[3] However, not many people know about the “primal terror” method for reaching Zha’ilathal. There are a few exceptions. A medieval scholar named Raymundus Lully was apparently aware of it.[9] The residents of Éilís Mór seem to have used it frequently.[10]


The story of The Last Door essentially begins with Anthony's father. He traveled the world, collecting information about the Veil. He learned about the Last Door and the Custodian, but he apparently did not discover the “primal terror” method.[3]

Around 1870, when Anthony was a teenager, his father died and left Anthony all of his research. Anthony used his father's notes to create a serum that would cause a recipient to enter the Veil. Anthony was a member of a science and philosophy club at his boarding school. Around 1876, he and the other members of the club injected themselves with the serum and entered the Veil for a few moments. They saw the Custodian, who also saw them. It seems that they weren’t attacked, but they were nevertheless haunted by the image of the Custodian’s birdlike eye.[11]

After graduating, Anthony and his friends (Devitt, Hugo, and Alexandre) continued to research the Veil. They formed a secret society called the Playwright and recruited many new members.[1] One recruit was Captain Skidd, who had a strange experience during the First Boer War in 1881. Based on his story, the Playwright suspected that he had entered the Veil and encountered the Custodian, but that he had been able to defend himself and a companion from harm.[12]

Skidd led the Playwright on an expedition into the Veil. However, when the Custodian attacked, Skidd could not protect them. Some people were killed, while others experienced memory loss. Devitt fell into a coma.[4] In the aftermath of the attack, Skidd became a drug addict[13] and Hugo quit the Playwright.[14] It’s possible that some of the survivors eventually committed suicide.[15]

Meanwhile, a man named Professor Adam Wright learned about the “primal terror” method. He got in touch with the Playwright, who assisted him in testing the method. Alexandre recruited Hugo to take part in the test.[8] In 1885, Hugo used Wright's method to enter the Veil. He bypassed the Custodian and reached Zha’ilathal. Unfortunately, no one realized that the shadows of Zha’ilathal were dangerous. Hugo peered into his own shadow and was transformed.[7] The Playwright concluded (incorrectly) that Wright’s methods were flawed.[16]

A few years later, in 1887, Anthony and Alexandre discovered Raymundus Lully’s research, which included the formula for a serum that induces primal terror. Alexandre injected himself with the serum. He entered a trance and apparently took up permanent residence in Zha’ilathal.[9]

At around the same time, Devitt woke up with amnesia. He had no memory of the Veil, the Custodian, or the Playwright. Out of concern for his safety, the Playwright did not contact him.[17]

Season One[]

In 1891, Anthony went mad and hanged himself. Before his suicide, he sent Devitt a letter that reawakened some of his memories. The first season was mostly devoted to Devitt’s investigation into his own past. He returned to his old boarding school and was almost killed. Eventually, he found Alexandre’s mansion. Alexandre was still in a trance, but Devitt was able to awaken him. He persuaded Alexandre to inject him with serum. Devitt and Alexandre entered the Veil and set off for the Last Door.

Meanwhile, Devitt’s doctor, Dr. Wakefield, began searching for him. Wakefield and his friend Kaufmann carefully retraced Devitt’s steps, but they were unable to locate him.

Season Two[]

In the second season, Wakefield and Kaufmann continued their search for Devitt. They tracked down Captain Skidd and Professor Wright. In 1893, Wakefield found the monster that had once been Hugo. After searching Wright’s study, they learned about Éilís Mór. Shortly thereafter, Kaufmann died of an unknown illness.[18]

Wakefield traveled to Éilís Mór, where he experienced primal terror and entered the Veil. He found Devitt, who led him to Zha’ilathal. Devitt told Wakefield to cross the Last Door and meet him in the other world. However, as Wakefield approached the Last Door, Alexandre warned him that Devitt planned to close the Door.[19]

The player can choose whether or not Wakefield goes through the Last Door. If he goes through the Door, he meets Devitt again. Wakefield remains in the other world and closes the Last Door while Devitt flees to London.[20] If Wakefield does not go through the Door, he returns to London, where he speculates that Devitt has closed the Last Door.[21]


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