Sister Judith is a nun who works at St. Gall Hospital. In Chapter 2, Devitt met her as she gazed out of a window, despondent about God's role in the recent deaths at the hospital. When Devitt played a tune from a music box, it helped her renew her faith and she quickly left the room. Devitt did not meet her again, but he found her clothes on the beach.



Her name is informed by a technical glitch, not by the game.

Her name never appears in game, but it comes up in the Steam trading cards and in a technical glitch.

"Sister Judith is one of the older nuns at St. Gall. She’s starting to lose hope since she’s witnessing lots of patients dying and that her prayers do not seem to serve."


If the player quickly follows Sister Judith, they find her clothes and receive an intriguing achievement.


The Departed

Find something left behind.

The "departed" may means the tragic deaths at the hospital or to Sister Judith herself. If you recall the name of the sea stack beside her clothes (The Lost Pilgrim) you may come to understand her feelings.

Cloth on beach