We talked about my time in South Africa. I don't like to talk about that, but he somehow made me want to. He was persuasive. He was very interested in one specific story, almost obsessed about it. He wanted to know every little detail.

It happened during the battle of Mujaba Hill
— Sgt. Conghill

Sgt. William Conghill is currently a patient in East Hill. He is traumatized by a battle massacre that killed almost his entire battalion except Cpt. Skidd and him. He is now very reluctant to talk to people as he sees himself as a coward, unworthy of people's attention. When approached by Wakefield, he tells him he remembers Alexandre being in East Hill at some point. He recalls that Alexandre was very secretive concerning his own past, but was nonetheless very interested in certain aspect of Sgt. Conghill, especially the event that traumatized him at Mujaba Hill and the details about Cpt. Skidd. Skidd now lives in the Crimson Nest, an opium den, deep in St. Giles.