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Father Ernest's note Edit


When a pathologist performed an autopsy on Father Ernest, he found a note in his stomach.

Ernest Glynn
Jeremiah Devitt
Alexandre D.
Hugo Ashdown

Hugo Ashdown's name was crossed out. A large eye was drawn at the bottom of the note.

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The novelist's tale Edit


When Ms. Parnell entered the Veil, she met a novelist who was reciting a story. Ms. Parnell heard part of the story.

The shadows of the past soon melted within the land that loves silence. Through the fog they walked, found themselves lost. Hoping for a sign from their gods, they set camp on the beach, where thirty birds awaited to meet their crowned.


This story might be associated with the sign near the coffin in Chapter 3. The sign read, "Eyes close, ears muffle and voices hush in the land that loves silence."

It might also be associated with The Book of Birds from Chapter 6.

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