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Letter from Kaufmann Edit


Wakefield found this letter in his room after he regained consciousness.

"Lieber Wakefield,

I write this letter in my last moments of lucidity. I have not received word from you since I regained consciousness, but I am confident that you will soon return with information that is crucial to our investigation. The bravery that you demonstrated in the face of these latest discoveries is worthy of my most sincere admiration.

I must now ask you for yet more courage. The doctors were unable to determine the cause of my sudden illness, nor have they found a cure. I have not much time left. My greatest regret is that I must abandon you to the difficult tasks that lie ahead. I implore you to persevere, now that we are so close to finding an answer.

The Professor's documents were filled with references to a place of dark legend: the Cronemeadan, an ancient sanctuary on the island of Éilís Mór. The exact location of the Cronemeadan has been lost, but the Professor believed that its secrets may explain why his experiments met with such disastrous results.
Grave of kaufmann
You must find this place, mein Freund.

I do not need to remind you to exercise the uttermost discretion. I have complete trust in you.

Always your Friend,
Johan Kaufmann

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Letter from Lord Donnán Edit


Wakefield received this letter just after setting foot in Éilís Mór.

"To our most recent visitor, Mr Wakefield,

It is customary in Éilís Mór to welcome strangers with hospitality. I should be honoured if you would accept this invitation to join me at my manor for dinner and amiable conversation.

Your new friend,
Lord Donnán

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Letter from BrighidEdit


Wakefield found this letter in the solitary house mailbox. It was in a very old envelope that was stamped 'RETURNED'.

Ring in the mail
"My dear cousin,

I am poorly. I would ask that you not call upon me here at Éilís Mór—not now, nor ever again. Please keep Grandmother's ring; I believe that she would have wanted you to have it.

Yours faithfully,

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Brighid's diary (solitary house)Edit


Wakefield found this diary concealed in the basement of the solitary house. He remarked, "It is signed 'Brighid Laidcend'. Several pages towards the end are missing…"

"7 August 1801 – Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for Aunt Máire's bequest—may her dear soul rest in peace. This house is just what I needed to still my nerves after the exhausting pace of life in Dublin.

10 September 1801 – I would not have thought to find such a remarkable library hidden away in the basement. It includes several magnificent tomes on the most picturesque customs of our land.

23 September 1801 – I found Aunt Máire's diaries next to an odd iron disc. But the contents of the diaries were appalling. What could have happened that dear old Máire would write such things?

The damnable place that she speaks of… I must know if it really exists. I am resolved to investigate our family's crypt. It would be prudent to wait until dusk before traveling to the Northern Cape, so as to not be seen.

25 September 1801 – The abbey was in such a state of decay that it was nearly impossible to find the mural painting in the dark. Fortunately, a dim light happened to shine through a gap in a wall, illuminating the face of the Sentinel.

I believe Aunt Máire's iron disc is needed to open the secret passage.

10 October 1801 – Is this the legacy of the Laidcend? I can stand to bear it no longer. Fire will put an end to this blasphemy and cleanse the land of our family's curse. And should the fire prove insufficient, may this testimony serve as warning.

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Brighid's diary (crypt) Edit


Wakefield found these pages in the Laidcend family crypt. They are apparently the missing pages of Brighid's diary.

"Down in this unholy burrow, in the feared Cronemeadan, our worst nightmares crawl and die.

Resting down here are the dauntless, those who dared enter the lair of the snake and the bird.

Each of those men and women crossed the Path Between. They walked through the mist, to the Other Side, where the ultimate truth screams in terror... and then they returned. These are my ancestors.

Amongst the dead stones of the Cronemeadan lie the proud Laidcend, reduced to something far worse than dust or ashes.

Could that blasphemy in the coffin be Aunt Máire's true legacy?

No, I shall not accept this fate for myself.

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Sign on the schoolhouse Edit


A sign was carved over the front door of the schoolhouse.

"The Wisdom of Silence"

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Message on a chalkboard Edit


Wakefield found this message written on the schoolhouse chalkboard.

"'They'll dance around the burrow,
Around the burrow they'll sing.
It's cold inside as winter.
Don't get too close!
Don't get too close!
Or else they'll pull you in.'

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Note on Kieran's desk Edit



Wakefield found a piece of paper on Kieran's desk. Black circles were painted on it.

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Child's drawing Edit



Wakefield found a drawing in a trash bin in the schoolhouse. He remarked, "It is a child's drawing. There seems to be a village, a lake, and some sort of creature."

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Message in a bottle Edit


Wakefield found this message in a bottle that was floating in the water by the quay.

"Gods remain silent as the fog settles.
We may look for the king beyond the clouds,
But find the queen with a fiery crown.

The first line may refer to the Veil. If so, then the "king beyond the clouds" might be the Simurg, the bird king who lives beyond the Veil. The third line might refer to the sun. If this interpretation is correct, then perhaps a person in the Veil might look for the Simurg, but instead find the sun.

Spiked circle Edit


Wakefield found images of spiked circles in various locations around Éilís Mór: an ancient temple, an old abbey, the Laidcend family crypt, and on an old iron disc. He met two children that were drawing the symbol in the mud. They told Wakefield, "It's the final truth that’ll protect us from the marsh dwellers. But we're not allowed to say its name out loud."
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