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This article is about the episode. For the riddle, see My dearest visitor (riddle)


Wakefield and Kaufmann traveled to the coastal village of Wickport. They hoped that Kaufmann's mentor, Professor Adam Wright, could advise them about the Playwright and about Devitt's disappearance. Unfortunately, Wright suffered from a genetic brain condition that impaired his memories and his ability to communicate.

Wakefield and Kaufmann searched the Professor's manor. They found a log describing an experiment that had been conducted seven years earlier. The Professor had hoped that the subject of the experiment would be able to enter the Veil and cross the Last Door. His methods involved primal terror, which he saw as an alternative to using serum. However, he came to believe that he had lost control of the experiment and he sealed off the site where it had taken place.

On their second day in Wickport, Kaufmann became ill and was confined to his bed. Wakefield returned to Wright's manor, where he found that the only servant had vanished. As Wakefield explored the house, an unseen visitor apparently entered and killed the Professor. Wakefield notified the authorities, but he was unable to consult with Kaufmann, who had fallen unconscious. He decided to continue the investigation on his own.

Several residents of Wickport told him that the town had acquired a reputation for being haunted by monsters and that it was now shunned. Wakefield eventually located the site of Wright's experiment, where he found evidence that someone with the initials "H.A." had entered the Veil. Before he could leave, a strange creature approached him. The chapter ended before Wakefield could react.



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November 22, 2016  (Hungarian)
Once again, The Game Kitchen guides us to places that can only be reached through the pages of the best horror novels.* Read full review

 100% Game Industry News    

Billy White   April 11, 2015
The reliance of riddles, the return to a dusty manor, the feeling of being alone and the wonderful audio make this the strongest episode in the series yet. Read full review

 78% RPGFan    

Andrew Barker   April 27, 2015
The problem with Episode 2 is that not much actually happens. It suffers from middle episode syndrome where you tend to turn up more questions than answers. Read full review

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