Mrs. Oakwood was a housekeeper in the service of Professor Wright. She took care of both the mansion and the professor, who was unable to look after himself due to an ailment. When Wakefield and Kaufmann arrived at the professor's mansion, nobody answered the front door. When they walked to the back, they met Mrs. Oakwood. She told them the professor suffered from an ailment, which had deteriorated his mind. As Wakefield and Kaufmann discovered more about what happened, Mrs. Oakwood became more distant. She tried to pin Wright's ailment on genetics, saying his father and grandfather suffered from the same thing. When Wakefield asked her about Wright's activities in the basement, she stopped talking. She told him that she was to busy to afford to waste time chattering. What was even more suspicious, after Wakefield hypnotized Wright, Mrs. Oakwood suddenly vanished. Maybe she realized that Kaufmann and Wakefield intended to explore the cave, and she decided to lay low for a while.
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