Matthew Vinge is a patient in St. Gall. He has sent a lot of letters to his fiancé, but has not received any back. However he keeps hoping that she will write him back some day, despite his sister telling him to give up. When Devitt visits St. Gall he finds a new letter in the hospital's mail box. It is an actual letter from Matthew's fiancé, asking him why she does not hear anything from him. When Devitt tries to give Matthew the letter, his sister interferes and tells him she would like to read the letter to Matthew.

She however makes up that the letter is from their mother, who is very worried. Devitt uses the moment to search through her bag. He then finds all the letter Matthew wanted to send, but where intercepted by his sister. When confronted, his sister tells him his fiancé is not worthy of becoming part of their family. She refers to her as a leech, trying to get higher on the social ladder. Matthew banishes his sister and gives Devitt his lucky coin for unraveling this fraud.

In the original game, Matthew and Juliette are married. In the Collector's Edition, they're engaged.