This article is about the captain in London. For the captain in Wickport, see Frank Morvell.

Sgt. Conghill and Cpt. Skidd are the sole survivors of the massacre at Mujaba Hill. Skidd seemed to have been traumatized by the massacre, just like Conghill. Alexandre learned of Skidd's story from Conghill and contacted him at the veteran hospital, where he was recovering from an ailment unknown to the physicians. Alexandre persuaded Skidd to join the Playwright. Skidd met once a month with the other members of the Playwright. They were able to look through the Veil, but they could not cross the threshold into the regions beyond.

Chapter 8
The fact that Skidd survived a confrontation with a sentinel, probably the being referred to as the Custodian by The Playwright, caught the interest of Alexandre and Devitt. The fact that he also managed to somehow save Conghill made him very suitable as guide through Zha'ilathal towards the Last Door. Eventually, Skidd led Devitt and other members of the Playwright on an expedition into the Veil. Skidd might be the "new bearer" of the mask in the mini-episode, "The Mask With No Eyes." Devitt hoped that Skidd could evade the Custodian, or at least protect his companions from harm. However, the Custodian found them and killed some of the members. Those who weren't killed had some of their memories blotted out.

This put even an heavier strain on Skidd's already unstable psyche. He cut his ties with the organization and disappeared. When Wakefield tried to find Skidd, he ended up in St. Giles Rookery. Here he had to enter an opium den to find Skidd. Wakefield learned some crucial facts about Alexandre and the Playwright, but was eventually overwhelmed by the opium vapors in the den.

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