***spoilers for chapters 1-7***

Seven major characters have traveled to the Veil: Devitt, Anthony, Alexandre, Hugo, Ernest, Wakefield, and Skidd. Six of these characters have a companion who met with misfortune. The exception is Devitt, who apparently has no close friends or family.

Traveler Companion Relationship to Traveler Companion's Fate Notes
short illness (fatal)
"Our service left a few days ago. Without their help and company I am lost. I can barely walk out of bed and not even the doctor will come here after his argument with Anthony. My husband has developed a horrible ability to break anyone's will."
--Anna's letter (October 1891)

"I will meet my brothers and sisters soon. I will be free from this abyss of madness and fear. Soon, I will stop trembling."
--Anna's note (October 1891)

short illness (fatal)
"It's a pity what you tell me about old Mike. I hope he gets better soon"
--Letter from Anthony (July 2nd, 1887)

"I'm terribly sorry about old Mike. Will you put him to rest in his favorite place?"
--Letter from Anthony (August 23rd, 1887)

short illness (fatal)
"The doctors were unable to determine the cause of my sudden illness, nor have they found a cure. I have not much time left."
--Letter from Kaufmann (Jan 1893)
osteoarticular tuberculosis (fatal)
Lena Ashdown (November 27th, 1891)
Cause of death: Osteoarticular tuberculosis.
Notes: During the autopsy we found some strange black marks on [her] fingers.
--St. Gall hospital records
colleague (friend?)
short illness (outcome unknown)
January 22nd, 1876.
"Father Eugene taught our Theology class today, even though he doesn't know the subject matter as well as Father Ernest. When we asked him what had happened to Father Ernest, Father Eugene told us that he had taken ill. What worries me is that now Father Eugene is also starting to look unwell."

--Journal found in St. Gall
served together (friends?)
unknown mental disorder (PTSD?)
"The doctors say I suffer from a "nervous disorder". I believe this is a term for when they themselves, with all their learning, do not know what to say. But I know the true name of my sickness. It is pure cowardice."
--Sgt. Conghill (1892)

"I was in the veterans' hospital recovering from an illness unknown to the physicians. An ailment of the soul."
--Capt. Skidd (1892)
No companions?
Reveal spoilers for Chapter 8
When Wakefield mentioned Kaufmann, Alexandre said, "I am truly sorry about your friend. Sometimes terrible fates befall the companions of Travelers."

  1. When Alexandre saw Hugo's paintings, he remarked, "I like the style, but those themes… Does Lena approve of this kind of art?"

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