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On their journeys, Jeremiah Devitt and John Wakefield come across several notes and receive an occasional letter. Notes are a very important feature in this game as they contain viable clues and large pieces of the actual story.

The notes are organized by chapter. Some notes contain major spoilers for the chapter in which they appear.

Some notes are linked to other notes. In order to avoid spoilers, these connections are described in the latest possible chapter. For example, if a note from Chapter 2 is linked to a note from Chapter 5, the connection between the two notes is discussed in Chapter 5.

Notes have been reproduced with the permission of The Game Kitchen.

Season 1

Episode 1: The Letter

Episode 2: Memories

Episode 3: The Four Witnesses

Episode 4: Ancient Shadows

Season One Collector's Edition

Season 2

Episode 1: The Playwright

Episode 2: My Dearest Visitor

Episode 3: The Reunion

Episode 4: Beyond the Curtain

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