See also Brighid’s diary (first part) and Brighid’s diary (second part)

Brighid Laidcend is a women that used to live on Éilís Mór. She inherited the house of her aunt Máire. Rumour had it that Brighid defied the Crooked One (a/k/a the Devil himself. Armed with iron, she went to the Cronemeadan, a huge hole in the ground where the devil was said to reside, in order to challenge him. The devil did not respond to her, as beings from the other side detest iron. But a few days later, the Laidcend house was set ablaze, most likely by the devil himself. This terminated the Laidcend lineage.

What most likely happened is that:

By reading Brighid's journal, Wakefield learned how her life really unfolded on the island. At first she was very happy that she could retreat from Dublin, where she found life to be too hectic. She also really liked the library that the house possessed. Eventually she found her aunt's journal and an ancient ornamental disk, which contained information about pagan lore. This led to her discovering that her aunt was part of a cult, and that the Laidcend family had belonged to the cult for generations. Determined to find out if it was true, Brighid visited the family crypt, which had fallen into ruins. Due to the light shining from the lighthouse, she could solve the crypt's secret. She found the secret passage that led to the bottom of the Cronemeadan. There she discovered that the Cronemeadan was also part of the Laidcend family crypt. Máire was buried here. Later, Brighid was probably burned alive in her house by Lord Donnán and villagers, to prevent that Éilís Mór's cult would be revealed outside the island. Brighid's death caused the end of the Laidcend line.

Sometime later, Wakefield solved the secret as well. At the bottom of the Cronemeadan, he found the missing pages of Brighid's journal. He opened the coffin and discovered a skeleton that was half human, half bird.