Anna Beechworth was the wife of Anthony Beechworth. She lived at their private estate up until her suicide. When Devitt investigated the estate, he found her body upstairs in the guest bedroom. The room was boarded up, but Devitt was able to access it after acquiring a crowbar.

He also found pages from her diary scattered abound the room, with the last entry held on her person. The entries reveal her slow grief as Anthony descended into madness and drove everyone away, including her.

The Beechworths might have had a baby. In an upstairs storage room, Devitt found a collection of portraits. One portrait was of a woman holding a child. Devitt remarked, "She looks like the woman on the bed. She is holding a baby. Could that be Anthony's child?" During Devitt's hypnotism session in Chapter 2, he saw Anna holding a crying baby. Since there was no evidence that a child lived in the home, the child might have died during infancy.

In the original online version of Chapter 1, Devitt did not associate the portrait with Anna. He simply described it as, "A woman holding a baby, she looks happy."


A portrait of Anna


Devitt's hypnotism session