Alfie was a stray cat that frequently attended the Beechworth Mansion. Soon he befriended the Brewers, who gave him left overs and named him. It was a harmless coexistence until Anthony became seriously afflicted as a result of his affiliation with the Veil experiments. He suddenly grew to detest Alfie, as he though the cat knew his secrets. He saw the playful meowing of the cat as Alfie mocking him. Tormenting him. In his madness, Anthony decided to kill the cat, or even better blinding the cat. Blinding the cat may have led to the Brewers' resignation. The blinding of the cat is documented in Anthony's handwritten notes

When Devitt explored the mansion, Alfie visited the servant's room. This is because Devitt left a dying crow in the room as a snack for the cat, just like the Brewers did back in the day. Alfie might have some cognitive abilities as he led Devitt towards Anthony's hidden outfit and tools. Why Alfie attacks Devitt after he freed him from the wall is unclear. It might be due to the fact that Alfie was traumatized by being blinded by Anthony.