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作者:Maurico Garcia

time:APRIL 24, 2013

Barrels in the cellar(地窖里的酒桶)[]

That was our little tribute to ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’, one of the most terrifying games in recent years. We thought those dark cellar filled with barrels were unforgettable, don’t you think?


这是我们对“Amnesia: The Dark Descent”(失忆症:黑暗后裔)的一个小致敬,一个近些年杰出的恐怖游戏。我们认为充满酒桶的黑暗地窖十分难忘,你觉得呢?

The Crows(鸦群)[]

So, what’s up with the crows? Why are they eating one of their own? What’s the reference here? Well, during the game we find a note in which Anthony tells us how he was feeling the contemptuous and censorious gaze of his relatives, from their pictures. Finally, we learn he couldn’t handle it anymore and he decided to remove and store them in one of the rooms. The crow scene somehow represents Anthony’s feeling of guilt towards his family. Originally, the crow in the backyard was meant to be just a dead crow, but in one of our team meetings an interesting idea came up – using a dying crow creates a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort in the player but it also works on a symbolic level. Like the dying animal, Anthony is the key to many secrets and we must hurry up before it’s too late.

那么乌鸦又是怎么一回事呢? 他们为什么要吃自己的一个同类? 这里的参考是什么? 游戏中,我们会发现一个字条,通过字条安东尼告诉我们,他是如何受到那些画像上的亲朋好友对他歧视性的、批判的目光。 最终,我们了解到他再也无法忍受这一切,决定将它们都移走并放置在一个房间里。 乌鸦在某种程度上代表了安东尼对其家人的愧疚感。 最初,后院的乌鸦应该只有一个死掉的,但我们在小组会议中突然想到了一个有趣的主意——使用一只濒临死亡的乌鸦来营造玩家的不安感,就是象征意义上的。就如同这只奄奄一息的乌鸦,安东尼是很多秘密的关键,我们必须要在一切太迟之前立刻行动。

When the crows get inside the gramophone room, you may remember the curtains being drawn and the (not so) subtle aesthetic change of the room. This is a clear reference to movie director David Lynch, a master of creating disturbing atmospheres through colour and light. In The Last Door, the curtains give the room that ominous look – red curtains are an iconic staple in some of Lynch’s movies like “Mulholland Drive” or the TV show “Twin Peaks”. 乌鸦进到留声机的房间的时候,你可能记得,幕布被画了出来而且房间在审美上有了微妙的变化。这明显是对利用光影和色彩制造不安气氛的大师——电影导演大卫·林奇(David Lynch)的致敬(参考)。 在最后一扇门的游戏里,窗帘使房间呈现出不祥的样子——红色窗帘是林奇(Lynch)导演一些电影的标志性主打,例如“Mulholland Drive”或电视节目“Twin Peaks”。

The Carnival of Venice(威尼斯嘉年华)[]

You may be wondering where in the hell does that terrible music that Devitt finds in the cellar come from. It’s a special version, arranged by Carlos Viola, of “The Carnival of Venice” by Niccolò Paganini. The real piece is known to create a sort of discomfort and restlessness to the listener so Carlos thought it would be the perfect choice. Paganini’s life history is very interesting too. He was accused of madness and of making pacts with the Devil; he eventually ended up in prison. It was a perfect reference for that particular scene and the overall atmosphere of the game.


你可能在想大卫在地窖里找到的这音乐有多天杀的糟糕。这是由Carlos Viola编排的的特别版本,原作是Niccolò Paganin(尼克罗·帕格尼尼)所作的“威尼斯嘉年华”。真实片段本身就因为给听者营造的不甚舒服和坐立不安而闻名。所以Carlos认为这真是个完美的选择。Paganin(帕格尼尼)的生平也同样十分有趣。他因疯狂和与恶魔签契约而被控告;他最后在狱中了结一生。这对当前特别的场景,实在是一个完美的参照,也是统领全游戏气氛所在。

The grandfather clock(老爷钟)[]

When our protagonist steps inside the main hall for the first time, he remarks the grandfather clock is the only sound he can hear. This detail may seem trivial but it hides a reference and a tribute to the first point-n-click adventure I ever played, Maniac Mansion. There, when you first enter the mansion, there’s a clock ticking. That sound has stuck with me for years so I couldn’t help but include that reference in The Last Door.

当我们游戏的主角首次踏入客厅时,他会说老爷钟是他能听到的唯一声音(游戏里的原句:A grandfather clock.It’s the only sound around here.)这看起来貌似琐碎,可这其实隐藏了一个参照,同时也是对我第一次玩的点击式冒险游戏——Maniac Mansion的致敬。在那个游戏里,当你首次进入大宅,就有一个钟在敲着。这声音萦绕了我很多年,所以我实在是忍不住想要把它囊括进最后一扇门的游戏里。

The deer head(鹿头)[]

When I was thinking about adding some decoration to the house, the comedy “Murder by Death” immediately came to my mind, especially that scene where a group of detectives are having dinner and the eyes of a stuffed deer head on the wall begin to move, the host hiding behind it. Despite being a comedy, when I first watched it I was a little kid and many scenes caused me such impression that it remained in my memory for all these years. I thought it would be funny to include a deer head in the game.


思索在房子里增加一些装饰物的时候,喜剧“Murder by Death”立刻就出现在我的脑海里,尤其是一众侦探在吃晚餐,而鹿头标本在墙上,它的眼睛开始转动,其主人就匿藏在后面的那个场景。尽管是个喜剧,但我第一次看的时候还是小孩子,其中相当多的场景给我留下了深刻的印象,这么些年一直都停留在我的记忆力当中。所以我想在游戏里加入一个鹿头会很有趣。

The Mona Lisa (La Gioconda)(蒙娜丽莎)[]

Remember that crooked painting in the lower floor corridor? Perhaps some of you noticed it during your playthrough, but it is indeed a pixel version of ‘La Gioconda’. That corridor is decorated with landscape paintings and there are no pictures of Anthony or any of his relatives. However, I wanted the crooked painting to stand out, so I thought of creating a pixelated Mona Lisa. Plus, it was the perfect place to hide the maid’s rosary – behind that mischievous smile there’s gotta be a secret, right?

记得一楼走廊里那幅歪了的画吗?你们之中可能有人在游玩过程中注意到它了,它实际上是一个像素级别的“La Gioconda”(蒙娜丽莎)。那条走廊都是用风景画装饰的,没有任何安东尼或者他亲戚的画像。然而,我想突出这个歪了的画,所以我就有了像素版蒙娜丽莎的想法。此外,这也是一个藏女仆玫瑰念珠的绝佳地点——在那恶作剧的微笑背后有一个秘密,不是吗?