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A mysterious being inhabits the Veil. It has been referred to as the Bird, the Eye of the Bird, the Bird King, the Simurg, and the Custodian. This creature is so enigmatic that it is difficult to form conclusions about it.



The following is a collection of evidence regarding the Simurg and its nature.以下是对西莫格和它的性质有关证据的收集。

The Letter-来信(第一章)[]

No known references (though see "Birds" and "An unbearable gaze," below).无参考(但可以浏览下方的“群鸟”和“无法承受的注视”)


During a hypnotism session with Dr. Wakefield, Devitt recalled seeing an eye:

"It was like an eye, perfectly rounded and dark. Deep and empty, accompanied by the most horrifying, pain-filled screams I've ever heard. Inside, a complete darkness where an evil dwells deep below. A forgotten fear for human reasoning but undoubtedly, still rests deep down inside our being. In my case, that fear has already awoken."
"It's very hard to describe. Something beyond human logic. He was bathed in darkness. Not a darkness of shadow but of malice. A sinister force, lying in wait. It communicates not in a language of the human tongue but in a language of fear. The tendrils of this fear creep and entangle my soul, swallowing me within the maw of its darkness. I resist yet am drawn to the eye."



At the end of the chapter, Father Ernest described seeing a bird’s eye in the Veil:

"It was our curiosity that damned us. We opened that which should not be opened. In doing so, we shorn The Veil that separated our world from His. In seeking vision we were ourselves seen by the Eye of the Bird… The Eye of the Bird saw us, it remembers us, it looks for us, it calls us from its dark nest, from its abominable lair. All these years I have attempted to return to it but I have no strength left."



The Four Witnesses-四个见证人(第三章)[]

The bird's eye in the keyhole

A violin player told Devitt,小提琴手告诉戴维特,

"In the fog we haven't eyes but we count on our ears. To find your way, you must search [for] the Simurg.迷雾中我们没有视力但还可以依靠听觉。要想找到你的道路,你必须找到西莫格。"

When Devitt looked through a keyhole into a bookshop, he briefly saw a bird's eye staring back at him.当戴维特透过钥匙孔看向书店时,他有一瞬看到了鸟之眼在回瞪着他。

When Devitt asked the shadowbook reader about the Simurg, the man responded,当戴维特向书店里的读者询问关于西莫格的事时,这个人如是回复,

"Simurg... Simurg... Ahh, yes, The Bird King. There is a book of ancient poetry here that makes mention of him. I'm sure you can find it here somewhere.西莫格…西莫格…啊,是的,鸟之王。这有一本古老的世纪提到了他。我确信你能在某个地方找到这本书的。"

When Devitt found the book, he remarked,当戴维特找到这本书,他给出的评注是,

"On the ground lies a book entitled "The Songs of Zhai-La." The page to which it was open has been torn out but the remaining fragment identifies a song title: 'The Search for Simurg'.地上摊着一本标题为“寨拉之歌”的书。被翻开的那一页被四下,残篇可以看得出是一首歌的标题:“寻找西莫格”。"

The song's lyrics 歌词

"First into the wind,首先是在风中,
they sought for the King.他们寻觅着王。
But lost were the birds;但群鸟迷失了方向;
they wept in suffering,他们在苦痛中流泪
And flew to the sea,之后飞向了大海,
compelled by a need.迫于某种需求。
They found there silence;在那里找到了寂静;
their quest was complete.他们的使命达成了。

At the end of the chapter, Alexandre also mentioned a powerful bird.在本章的末尾,亚历山大也提到了一种有力量的鸟。

"The Bird protects us. It is by his design that we should meet again. But we are not the only ones who take shelter beneath his wings… His influence and power is ever expanding, ever reaching. Do you not feel him beckoning?鸟保护着我们。是他的设计让我们能够再次见面。但我们并不是唯一在他羽翼下寻求庇护的人…他的影响和力量在持续扩大。难道你感受不到他的征召吗?"
According to the Master of the Occult Guide by Za Warudo, the mysterious bearded man turns into a flock of crows.
"When you meet the lady that reads tarot cards, fill up the lantern before going to the area in front of the house that leads to the fog. Once you have filled up the lantern go to the house and follow the man inside, then go straight to the garden of the house to see his shadow turn into crows and fly away.你见过解读塔罗牌的女士后,在去迷雾前侧的屋子之前,先灌满油灯。一旦你加满油灯前往屋子并跟着那个人进去,径直走向这栋屋子的花园(实际上是后院),你就能看到他的影子变成了乌鸦飞离。"

Ancient Shadows-远古的暗影(第四章)[]

When Devitt and Alexandre returned to the Veil, Alexandre mentioned the bird again:当戴维特和亚历山大回到帷幕,亚历山大再次提及了鸟:

"I am waiting for you. Here, in the mist... It's nearby... I can hear it."
"What is nearby? What do you hear?"
"I hear the beating of its wings.... It knows we are afraid."

The Playwright-剧作家(第五章)[]

see "Beyond the Curtain" (below)无参考

My Dearest Visitor-我最亲爱的访客(第六章)[]

No known references (though see "King and protector," below).无参考

The Reunion-重逢(第七章)[]

No known references (though see "An unbearable gaze," below).无参考

Beyond the Curtain-越过帷幕(第八章)[]

In this chapter, the Simurg is described as being a Custodian. Anthony’s father’s journal contained research about the Custodian:在本章中,西莫格被描述成一个守卫。安东尼父亲的笔记包含的调查也有关于守卫的:
"My father discovered several ancient myths pertaining to the Veil. They come from a variety of cultures and hence take many different forms. But they all say something similar about what resides near the Threshold. An ancient being that sleeps within the fog, protecting the Door from intruders. A vengeful Custodian… Those tales… they all say that if an intruder ventured too close to the Door, and was seen by what sleeps in the fog... It would pursue the intruders and destroy them, wherever they might hide. There would be few ways to protect themselves from its rage.我父亲发现了很多古老传说都和帷幕有关。它们来自不同的文化,而且演化了纷繁的形式。但关于临近‘门’处有这什么,他们则全部都说着类似的话。一个古老的存在安睡在迷雾之中,从入侵者那里守护着这扇门。一个有仇必报的守卫…那些传说…他们都说如果某个入侵者冒险距离门太近的话,就会被沉睡在雾气中的存在看见…它会追逐闯入者并摧毁他们,无论他们藏身于何处,没有办法能从这狂怒中保全他们自身。"

The Custodian is apparently the sentinel that Captain Skidd and Sergeant Conghill encountered in Majuba Hill. In Chapter 5, they described the encouter to Wakefield.守卫显然就是斯基德上尉和康吉尔中士在马友巴山上碰到的哨兵。在第5章中,他们向维克菲尔德介绍了这个。

The sentinel at Majuba Hill马尤巴山上的守卫

"In the cold air of dusk, a thick fog formed quickly, masking everything around us. We could barely see each other. Then, the others started to disappear in the fog, which was getting thicker and thicker. I could still hear their footsteps for a while… then nothing. I called their names aloud, even though I knew I shouldn't. Something about the fog terrified me. I felt something in there, not far. A murmur or a beating, something alive. Waiting. I couldn't help walking towards it. All of a sudden, my feet felt something in the mud. A body. They were all there! Dead. Only Captain Skidd was missing. Then the mist cleared out.在黄昏冰冷的空气中,浓雾迅速汇聚, 笼罩了我们周遭的一切。我们几乎无法看到彼此。随后,在愈加厚重的雾气中其他人开始消失,有那么一会儿我仍然能够听到他们的脚步声…之后就什么都没了。我大声呼唤着他们的名字,尽管我知道我不该那么做。雾中的某些东西让我感到恐惧。我能感受到有东西在那儿,就在不远处。低语声或心跳声,某样活物。等待着。我不受控制地向它走去。突然之间,我的脚在泥地里感受到了什么。是一具躯体。他们都在那!全都死了。只有斯基德上尉失踪了。随后,雾气消散了"

"I will never be able to forget that day. Nobody knew what really happened. Command decided that we must have been ambushed. Now I know better. There was something in that fog. Something that did not like us entering its domain. A... sentinel of some sort. That thing is what killed my soldiers.我永远都无法忘记那一天。没人知道究竟发生了什么。上头下的命令说我们一定是遭到了伏击。但我了解得更多。是雾里有东西。某种不喜欢我们进入它领地的东西。一个…某种程度上的守卫。是拿玩意儿杀了我的士兵们。"

The Playwright's expedition剧作家的试验

In Chapter 8, Devitt and Alexandre described this encounter to the other members of The Playwright.在第8章中,大卫和亚历山大对剧作家的其他成员描述了这场遭遇。

"[Skidd’s] results are extraordinary, Anthony. It is the best chance we have of avoiding the gaze of the Custodian.斯基德的结果很不同寻常,安东尼。这对我们避开守卫的凝视来说,是绝佳的机会。"
"There can be no doubt that the Captain survived an encounter before. He even kept a companion from harm.毫无疑问的是上尉从先前的遭遇中活了下来。他还从中保护了一个同伴。"

Hugo's painting雨果的画作

【下方施工中】***translation coming soon***

Skidd agreed to lead The Playwright on an expedition into the Veil, but the Custodian attacked them. This attack took the form of a giant X. As a way of dealing with the trauma of the attack, Hugo made several paintings of the X.

The shadow "Simurg"

When Alexandre recruited Hugo to take part in Professor Wright’s experiments, he mentioned the Custodian again.

"[Professor Wright] is eccentric indeed, but I think his thesis may be proven correct. If so, we might have found a way of reaching the Threshold without attracting the attention of the Custodian. A shortcut, you might say. The problem is in the method itself. It has some… unusual requirements. And we would need a man of great sensitivity, who knows the peril of reaching the Door…"

When exploring Zha'ilathal, Wakefield encountered several shadow creatures. One creature resembled a flock of small birds that combined into a large bird. At the very end of the chapter, he described this creature as being the Simurg.

"As I removed my coat, I found a feather in one of the pockets, the same one that I had discovered before being engulfed by the black mass of the Simurg."

Near the Simurg/shadow creature, Wakefield found a statue of a mythical creature that bore the inscription, “Thirty Birds.” This creature resembles the "simurgh" as it is depicted in Persian folklore (below).

A statue in Zha'ilathal

Simurgh, Sassanian Royal Symbol