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Translations by zimmer识秋客. Used with permission.
This is the end of an article written by avec in September 2015, which included several speculations about the plot. After the publication of Chapter 8, he updated the article. Those updates are included below.

Like I said, I don’t have many facts. This is my theory about what's happening, but I wouldn't be surprised if it’s wrong.


In 1887, Alexandre used the “improved” serum to explore the Veil. He found the Last Door and attracted the attention of the Simurg. Because of Alexandre’s actions, the Simurg started beckoning to people with greater intensity. Also, the Simurg has been using the people that it can “see” as a sort of conduit to influence our world.


Because of the Playwright’s meddling, the Veil is more dangerous in the 1890s than it was in the 1870s. Travelers in the Veil are now at serious risk of being attacked by crows. However, the Simurg (or its agents?) can sometimes guide travelers to safety. I think that the crows are spirits (or demons) that used to serve the interests of the Simurg, but have since abandoned their “king.”


In 1887, Anthony had a change of heart. He started actively trying to keep the Last Door closed. When the Simurg beckoned to the witnesses, Ernest couldn’t answer and Anthony refused to. This earned them the Simurg’s “endless blame” and “censorious gazes” (Chapters 1 and 2). In early 1891, the stress drove them mad. In their madness, Anthony gave Ernest serum. Ernest used the serum on patients in a desperate attempt to return to the Simurg.

在1887年,Anthony改变了心意。他开始积极地使最后一扇门保持关闭,当大鸟召唤见证人 时,Ernest无法回应,而Anthony拒绝回应。这使他们得到了大鸟的“无尽谴责”和“挑剔凝视”(第1、2章)。在1891年前期,精神压力使他 们发了疯。在他们的疯狂之下,Anthony给了Ernest血清。Ernest将血清用在病人上,绝望地企图返回大鸟身边。

Devitt protected himself from the Simurg by inducing amnesia. In Anthony’s last moments of lucidity, he asked Devitt to return to St. Gall. He hoped that Ernest would kill Devitt. Anthony wanted to cause the death of everyone that the Simurg could “see,” in order to reduce the Simurg’s power in our world.


Alexandre had already answered the Simurg’s call back in 1887. Hence, he did not go mad. Alexandre may have evolved to the point where he can influence our world while he is in Veil. The Simurg guided Devitt to Alexandre so that they could open the Last Door together.


Ultimately, Devitt and Wakefield must decide if they will open the Last Door, or if they will keep it closed and risk incurring the wrath of the Simurg. If they decide to keep the door closed, I’m guessing that Alexandre will oppose them (assuming he’s still alive).


This theory is not without flaws. Even if Alexandre can operate in both worlds at once, how can he physically be in two places at once? If Anthony wanted to kill everyone who had contact with the Simurg, why would he give a bunch of serum to Ernest? Wouldn’t that increase the number of people who have seen the Simurg? Maybe the Simurg compelled Anthony to help Ernest. But in that case, the Simurg comes across as being a sort of “evil mastermind,” whereas I tend to see it as being more of a force of nature.

这理论并不是没有瑕疵。即使Alexandre能同时在两个世界行动,他如何在物理意义上 同时出现在两个地方呢?如果Anthony想杀死和大鸟接触的所有人,那他为什么又给了Ernest一堆血清呢?也许大鸟强迫Anthony帮助 Ernest。但那样的话,大鸟看上去就好像是一种“邪恶的幕后操纵者”,但我倾向于将它视作一种自然的力量。

I was half right about some things and totally wrong about others.


Devitt had amnesia, and it protected him, but it happened accidentally.


There is no evidence that the Veil has gotten more dangerous. It is dangerous for people who do not know how to avoid the Custodian (or who look into their own truth).


Since the Simurg does not live on the other side of the Veil, it would not necessarily care if the door is open or not (as long as people don’t approach it).


Alexandre opposed Devitt’s efforts to close the door, but he did not serve the Simurg.


Anthony had a change of heart, but he withdrew from the Playwright rather than opposing it. He deliberately put Devitt in danger, but he did not want Devitt dead.


There was no explanation in Chapter 8 for why the Simurg’s power was increasing, or why Anthony and Ernest both went mad in early 1891.