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Devitt's Steam Trading Card states,

"Jeremiah Devitt is just a normal person who lives a simple life in London, where he teaches Classic Philosophy at University. He lives a lonely life, dedicated to his work. He doesn't usually receive visits and he spends most of his time, immersed in his studies."

Of all the major characters, we know the least about Devitt. He seems to come from a wealthy family. His mother died when he was young and his father had little to do with him. At school, he was very lonely, at least until Anthony reached out to him.


At school, Devitt was part of a secret society, which he described as a “science and philosophy club" (Chapter 1). Devitt was interested in philosophy, while Anthony was interested in science. Alexandre seemed to know quite a bit about both. I wonder if Devitt’s background in philosophy will help him in the Veil. It seems like it might.


In 1891, when Devitt first received Anthony’s letter, Anthony’s friendship was the only thing that he could remember about his past. Devitt’s lack of memories seems very odd. I’d be interested to learn what Devitt can remember. What has he been up to all these years?


During his hypnotism sessions with Dr. Wakefield, Devitt recalled seeing the eye of the bird. He also said that he was compelled to look into the eye, and the resulting agony was growing increasingly unbearable. Maybe Devitt had deliberately given himself amnesia as a defense against the call of the Simurg. Maybe if you forget about the Simurg, then it can no longer see you?


According to Alexandre, Devitt founded the Playwright. He was obsessed with finding the final truth. When Devitt encountered the Custodian, it sent him into a coma. When he woke up, he had amnesia, which seems to have protected him from the Custodian. He eventually recovered some of his memories. He decided to close the Last Threshold, against the wishes of Alexandre.

据Alexandre所说,是Devitt组建了“剧作家”。他痴迷 于找到终极的真相。当Devitt接触“管理人”时,它使他陷入了昏迷。他醒来时已经失忆,这似乎从“管理人”手中保护了他。他最终回想起一些记忆。他决 定关闭“最后门槛”,这与Alexandre的意愿相背。

Other notes

In Chapter 1, Devitt had no memory of being at Anthony’s house. But in Chapter 4, he seemed to find Alexandre’s house without being given an address or directions. Maybe Alexandre gave him directions when they met in the Veil at the end of Chapter 3?