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Translation by zimmer识秋客.
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When Anthony was around thirteen, his father died. Anthony inherited his journal, which apparently contained research about the Veil. People told Anthony that his father had been a “stubborn mule” and a “mess of a man." Anthony said that he barely knew his father because he had been too busy traveling (Collector’s Edition).


At St. Gall boarding school, Anthony started a secret group that was interested in science and philosophy. Its members were Anthony, Jeremiah Devitt, Alexandre Du Pré, and probably Hugo Ashdown.* Anthony later invited Father Ernest Glynn to join. Using a serum that Anthony made, they entered the Veil and saw the Simurg. In 1876, the school suddenly closed, possibly because of the group’s activities (Chapters 2 and 3). [Update: Maybe they finished out the term, since Devitt is in a graduation photo. On the other hand, according to Baldwin, the nearby villagers claim that the school closed over night.]

在圣加尔寄宿学校,Anthony组织了一个对科学和哲学感兴趣的秘密学生团体。其他成员是Jeremiah Devitt, Alexandre du Pré, 很可能也有Hugo Ashdown* Anthony不久邀请Ernest Glynn神父加入。利用Anthony制造的血清,他们进入了帷幕并看见了“鸟”。在1876年,学校突然关闭,可能是因为这团体的活动(第2、3章)。[更新:也许他们过完了一个学期,因为Devitt在一张毕业照中。另一方面,据Baldwin所说,附近的村民声称学校是在一夜之间关闭的。]

*[The Four Witnesses seem to be strongly associated with this group. Some people have theorized that the Four Witnesses are Devitt, Alexandre, Hugo, and Ernest. There is some evidence for this, since Ernest said to Devitt, "Not one of them has returned. Only us, the four witnesses" (Chapter 2). However, I don't think that Ernest's statement should be taken to mean that Anthony did not enter the Veil. In a flashback, Devitt remembers Anthony saying, "Soon shall the door be open and then may we finally see what lies beyond" (Chapter 2). The fact that he said "we" could be taken to mean that all five people entered the Veil. It's possible that Anthony entered the Veil with the others, but he somehow did not "witness" the Simurg. But that seems uncharacteristic of Anthony.]

*[“四个见证人”似与这个学生团体紧密相连。有人曾推断“四个见证人”是Devitt, Alexandre, Hugo,和Ernest。有一些证据可以支撑这个理论,如Ernest对Devitt说:“他们中没有一个能回来。只有我们——四个见证人——回来了。”(第2章)然而,我不认为Ernest的声明指明Anthony没有进入帷幕。在一段回忆中,Devitt记得Anthony说:“很快门就将打开,而我们最终会看见它的另一边有着什么。”(第2章)他说了“我们”,这一事实可能指出五人都进入了帷幕。有可能Anthony和其他人一起进入了帷幕,但他不知怎的没有“见证”到大鸟。但这似乎不符合Anthony的人物形象。]

Anthony, Alexandre, Devitt, Hugo, and Ernest all used the serum, and they all glimpsed the Simurg. They were all traumatized, but it seems to have affected Ernest more strongly than the others. Soon afterwards, Devitt founded the Playwright. Anthony and Alexandre joined the order, but Hugo did not. Hugo did not seem to have any contact with the others for several years. Ernest was probably not invited to join the Playwright, mostly likely because of his mental illness.


Anthony is next mentioned in 1887, when he located a copy of the “Hoopoe” formula that Raymundus Lully made in the 12th century. He and Alexandre used the formula to design a new serum for reaching the Last Door. Soon after, Alexandre entered a permanent trance.

Anthony再被提及时是1887年,那时他查找到了一份Raymundus Lully在12世纪制作的“戴胜鸟”化学式的副本。他和Alexandre利用这化学式来设计一种用来到达最后一扇门的新的血清。不久,Alexandre陷入了永久的恍惚。

At some point, Anthony wrote Alexandre a letter saying, “Please, you must reflect on this. We do not yet know what we are dealing with. If you were to open the door it may stay that way. An open way for whatever lives in the other side!” The letter has no date and was never sent. I’m guessing that Anthony wrote it after August 23, 1887, but before October 12, 1887. On August 23, Anthony said that he wanted the research to continue. By October 12, Alexandre was in a trance and could no longer receive letters (Chapter 4). Perhaps Anthony wrote the letter, but then he received word of Alexandre’s condition and he decided not to send it. If he wrote the letter in 1887, maybe he spent the last years of his life opposing the Playwright and defying the Simurg. At least, until he went mad.


Anthony does not seem to have opposed the Playwright, though he may have stopped being an active member.


In 1887, Anthony started collecting newspaper clippings that described mysterious deaths: a judge in 1887, an earl in 1888, and a famous actor in 1889 (Chapter 1). Skidd said that the Playwright consisted of powerful people (Chapter 5). Maybe Anthony was keeping track of the members of the Playwright who died in the Veil.


When Anthony looked at the clippings, he said, "So much suffering; so many deaths. For what? What have we attained so far?"


In 1891, Anthony went mad and took his own life. His madness seems to have been sudden and unexpected. In March 1891, Anthony’s servants first became worried about him. In May, a servant said that Anthony was “growing more and more unlike himself every day.” By October, his servants had quit, his doctor wouldn’t see him, his wife was terrified of him, and he eventually hanged himself. Just before he died, he wrote two letters to Devitt. In the first letter, he wrote “Videte ne quis sciat,” which Devitt interpreted as a request for help. In the second letter, he begged Devitt to secretly travel to St. Gall Hospital. He warned Devitt of danger, and said that “they” were already waiting for him (Chapter 1).

在1891年,Anthony发了疯并结束了自己的生命。他的疯狂似乎是突如其来和出乎意料的。在1891年3月,Anthony的仆人最先开始担心他。在5月,一位仆人说Anthony正“一天天变得越来越不像他自己”。在10月前,他的仆人们辞职了,他的医生不再见他,他的妻子被他吓到了,而他最后吊死了自己。就在他死前,他向Devitt写了两封信。在第一封信中,他写道“Videte ne quis sciat”,这句话被Devitt解读为请求帮助。在第二封信中,他乞求Devitt秘密前往圣加尔医院。他警告Devitt将有危险,并说“他们”已经在等他了。

The first letter was part of the plan to return Devitt to the Playwright. The second letter might not have been.


When Devitt explored Anthony's basement, he found "a dark cloak, a mask and a knife" hidden behind cement (Chapter 1). Since the cement was still wet, I'm guessing that Anthony concealed these items just before killing himself. Perhaps he was a member of the Playwright, but he wanted to keep it a secret.


In several memories, Wakefield saw that Anthony was a member of the Playwright.