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Translation by zimmer识秋客.
See also Wakefield.

Wakefield might be least mysterious character in the game. His motivation has consistently been to find and help Devitt. However, even he might have a mysterious past. After being overcome by opium smoke, he dreamt he was in a bedroom, talking to an unknown person. The person said that they had met before, and that the room was the “first place to look.” Who could that person have been? Devitt, or someone else?

Wakefield可能是游戏中最不神秘的角色了。他的动机一直是找到并帮助Devitt。然 而,即使是他也有可能有一段神秘的过去。在被鸦片烟熏倒后,他梦见自己在一间卧室中,与一个身份不明的人谈话。这人说他们以前见过,而那间房间是“第一个 需要看的地方”。那人可能是谁?Devitt还是其他人?

Devitt said the exact same words to Wakefield in the Veil, as they approached the threshold. His nightmare at St. Giles may have been a premonition.


Although Wakefield collapsed in St. Giles Rookery, he woke up at the East Hill Asylum (Chapter 5). Maybe he returned to East Hill in a daze? Or was he somehow magically transported?


The man who was missing an eye knew that Wakefield could recover it. Wakefield had a dream that predicted that the man would talk to him. How was this dream possible? How did the man associate Wakefield with Alexandre?