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time:NOVEMBER 18, 2015

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.(结束旅程是件好事,但这是最后重要的旅程。)-Ursula K. Le Guin

Almost three years has past since the first episode of The Last Door came out. In such time, the series’ characters and ourselves the developers have gone through a lot of change. One could say that we’ve evolved as developers, as a studio and of course as individuals, while witnessing how the series managed to grow into a big, caring and supporting, community. It’s because of that, despite all the issues we’ve faced in the past, we kept going on, going forward. But as with everything that ever starts, there must be an end to this little journey.


Because all of this, this final episode is probably the hardest to make. Since we’ve started the series,we’re committed to give it a meaningful ending. As we know from games and TV shows we love, good endings are remarkably important to achieve a global satisfaction. That’s why we want all The Last Door’s fans to have the ending they deserve.


Final Episode Screenshot(终章的屏幕截图)

Wondering what kind of lessons took place here…(想知道在这里上的是什么课吗……)

At the moment, the story has reached a turning point where all (most) of the truth should be revealed. There’re going to be many answers in this final episode, and so, players will have to deal with a lot. Story development for this episode is getting complex, wide and meticulous, so there’s no loose end when the curtain falls.


I won’t get into much detail about the story, but suffice to know that the journey will continue where the last episode finished. There’s going to be plenty of unexpected situations and horrific setting, making this episode the most intense of the series.


New Episode Screenshot(新章节截图)

Fancy a bath in this out-of-this-world beach?(沐浴在世界之外的海滩?)

Answering one the most frequently asked question about the story of The Last Door, the plot of this final episode has been wandering in my mind since the beginning of the series. It has obviously suffered some changes as new episodes were being released, but essentially it has been always there. As always, even more so this time being the last one, we’re putting all our love and energies in the making of this final episode. We truly can’t wait until we put this baby into your hands。


We hope you guys are as excited about we are about the Season Two finale as we are.


-Videte ne quis sciat.